Workwear that lifts brand profile – Geelong

Protecting the integrity of your brand should be paramount for any organisation, but too often we see the personal taste of individuals gradually erode a brand.

Brand consistency is important, not only on your website, social media, signage and stationery – but also on your garments, especially those worn by frontline team members.

Last weekend we were at a junior footy grandfinal and saw not only multiple versions of clothing for the same club, but also multiple logos. The point of club clothing to build a sense of belonging and pride – more difficult if you’ve got different sections of the club wearing different logos. Just as your organisation may have a logo style guide, your organisation needs a garment style guide – so the clothing chosen for your team is consistent.

The same applies for Geelong workwear and uniforms. While it’s great to give staff some leeway to choose garments appropriate for their body shape – attention needs to be paid to ensuring colors, logos and the overall ‘tone’ of the garments is consistent.

For example, if your organisation has office staff, outdoor staff, sales floor staff and on-the-road technicians – brand uniformity can still be achieved with careful garment choice and consistent branding.

Nexus Teamwear’s team has a marketing background – we help business and sporting clubs put together a garment style guide so their workwear and uniforms Geelong maximise brand exposure, build organisation cohesiveness while catering for the needs of their team.

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