Set-up costs for Geelong Embroidery

Why do I pay set-up costs for my Geelong Embroidery? To produce embroidery of the highest quality you first need quality artwork and then quality digitisation.

What’s digistation? Before a logo or artwork can be produced by an embroidery machine, the  artwork needs to be ‘digitised’ or converted to a file that dictates exactly how the stitching will run in your embroid.

Digitising takes a lot of industry experience and understanding of the type of stitches needed to produce the best quality artwork. For example, long stitches produce a clean, satin-like sheen while very small, short stitches may be needed to produce something quite intricate.

Most embroidery suppliers, including Nexus Teamwear, outsource their digitising and employ the industry’s leading digitising specialists – so we can achieve the best outcome for our clients.

So, when you get asked to pay ‘artwork set-up’ or an ’embroidery set-up’ fee, what you’re paying for is the services of an expert who will convert your artwork into a file that will result in quality Geelong embroidery.

If you have any other questions about set-up fees send us an email or phone 0478 905 300.