Geelong Uniforms that aren’t ‘uniform’

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your staff uniforms need to be ‘uniform’. By dressing everyone the same, you may in fact be putting a negative spin on your team culture and brand.

The fact is: not everyone looks great in the same clothing. That’s why stores offer us so much choice – it’s not only so we can choose different fashion styles, but it’s so we can choose clothing that best suits our body shape. We choose different things because we’re all shaped differently.

Asking team members to all dress the same doesn’t necessarily make your staff embrace your organisation or feel like part of the ‘team’. By making them wear clothing that clearly doesn’t suit their body shape you can make them feel really uncomfortable and even embarrassed.

For example, while a polo might look great on a fittish man – it’s a garment as I, as a women in her 40s, want to run a million miles from. Straight up-and-down cut tops with very short sleeves do nothing for me – I would never choose this style of top to wear outside of work. Instead, for me, a looser cut top with elbow (or beyond) sleeves would work much better. I look better and feel much more confident.

So does that mean you have to just let ‘anyone wear whatever they want’? Absolutely not! They key is putting together a suite of garments that fit within your brand and work together to showcase your brand while making your team confident and comfortable.

Does it cost your organisation more? No. You’re ordering the same numbers of garments, just different styles. Is it hard to achieve? No – not when you’ve got a Geelong uniforms and workwear supplier who understands branding and how teams work.

Nexus Teamwear is more than just a ‘supplier’ of Geelong uniforms and workwear – we’re branding specialists working with businesses throughout the region to promote their brands using apparel, promotional products and more.

If you’d like to get your brand out there – in the right way – call on 0478 905 300 and we’ll come to you and discuss your options.