Geelong custom sports uniforms – not a problem!

Have you noticed that everyone out there seems to be wearing the same gear as your team? That’s because teamwear retailers – including us – often look to stock suppliers for garments.

Why do we use stock suppliers? Mostly, because they guarantee our clients an ongoing supply of their garments. Sporting clubs especially tend to stick with the same items for a couple of seasons to make it easier for their merchandising volunteers and so members don’t have to fork out for new gear each year, so it’s important to know there’s an ongoing supply available.

But, not all clubs or businesses choose stock garments. Some want their brand to stand out from the crowd, while others simply have no choice but to look for bespoke options because their colours are hard to come by – spare a thought for clubs that proudly wear the Hawks’ colours of brown and gold, or teams with maroon and sky blue; or bottle green and sky blue; or purple and green …

Sometimes there’s no way of getting around getting custom garments made. It sounds like more work, and it is! But that’s more hard work for us, not you (and don’t worry, if you need Geelong custom uniforms, that’s what we’re here for).

Access to custom clothing including jackets, polos, trackies and more is getting easier and easier with the manufacturers of stock products now recognising that their ‘one size fits all’ approach hasn’t helped them win new clients. Where they used to say no, they’re now saying “yes”! And the minimum quantities are coming down too.

If you’re brand or club logos has a tricky colour combination – maybe it’s time again to explore what your Geelong custom uniform options are. Your may be surprised by what’s available.