Geelong business embroidery – why some logos look better than others

Geelong’s quality business embroidery alternative

The ‘artwork set-up fee’ that you pay when you have your logo embroidered for the first time actually covers the cost of ‘digitising’ your logo – that is, converting your logo into a format that can be read by an embroidery machine.

We sent a logo to our digitiser this week, along with a photo of a garment that someone else had embroidered to act as a guide to what the client had had done in the past. And our digitiser came back with a very interesting question:

“Would you like the logo to look like the original artwork – or do you want to match the embroidery previously done because they’re not the same?”

In other words, whoever had previously digitised this logo had done such a poor job – the embroidery looked like a different version of this company’s logo.

If you’ve had Geelong business embroidery done in the past and your logo looks strange or different to what you would expect it’s probably due to your old embroiderer using cheap, dodgy overseas embroidery digitisation services – cheap for them, not cheap for you because not only have you paid for quality via your artwork set-up fee, it also costs you because your brand is compromised.

Before getting Geelong business embroidery done – ask to see samples of the embroiderer’s work so you can see the quality of the embroidery. Remember, it’s your brand that’s on the line.