Geelong custom sports uniforms – not a problem!

Have you noticed that everyone out there seems to be wearing the same gear as your team? That’s because teamwear retailers – including us – often look to stock suppliers for garments.

Why do we use stock suppliers? Mostly, because they guarantee our clients an ongoing supply of their garments. Sporting clubs especially tend to stick with the same items for a couple of seasons to make it easier for their merchandising volunteers and so members don’t have to fork out for new gear each year, so it’s important to know there’s an ongoing supply available.

But, not all clubs or businesses choose stock garments. Some want their brand to stand out from the crowd, while others simply have no choice but to look for bespoke options because their colours are hard to come by – spare a thought for clubs that proudly wear the Hawks’ colours of brown and gold, or teams with maroon and sky blue; or bottle green and sky blue; or purple and green …

Sometimes there’s no way of getting around getting custom garments made. It sounds like more work, and it is! But that’s more hard work for us, not you (and don’t worry, if you need Geelong custom uniforms, that’s what we’re here for).

Access to custom clothing including jackets, polos, trackies and more is getting easier and easier with the manufacturers of stock products now recognising that their ‘one size fits all’ approach hasn’t helped them win new clients. Where they used to say no, they’re now saying “yes”! And the minimum quantities are coming down too.

If you’re brand or club logos has a tricky colour combination – maybe it’s time again to explore what your Geelong custom uniform options are. Your may be surprised by what’s available.

Geelong Uniforms that aren’t ‘uniform’

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your staff uniforms need to be ‘uniform’. By dressing everyone the same, you may in fact be putting a negative spin on your team culture and brand.

The fact is: not everyone looks great in the same clothing. That’s why stores offer us so much choice – it’s not only so we can choose different fashion styles, but it’s so we can choose clothing that best suits our body shape. We choose different things because we’re all shaped differently.

Asking team members to all dress the same doesn’t necessarily make your staff embrace your organisation or feel like part of the ‘team’. By making them wear clothing that clearly doesn’t suit their body shape you can make them feel really uncomfortable and even embarrassed.

For example, while a polo might look great on a fittish man – it’s a garment as I, as a women in her 40s, want to run a million miles from. Straight up-and-down cut tops with very short sleeves do nothing for me – I would never choose this style of top to wear outside of work. Instead, for me, a looser cut top with elbow (or beyond) sleeves would work much better. I look better and feel much more confident.

So does that mean you have to just let ‘anyone wear whatever they want’? Absolutely not! They key is putting together a suite of garments that fit within your brand and work together to showcase your brand while making your team confident and comfortable.

Does it cost your organisation more? No. You’re ordering the same numbers of garments, just different styles. Is it hard to achieve? No – not when you’ve got a Geelong uniforms and workwear supplier who understands branding and how teams work.

Nexus Teamwear is more than just a ‘supplier’ of Geelong uniforms and workwear – we’re branding specialists working with businesses throughout the region to promote their brands using apparel, promotional products and more.

If you’d like to get your brand out there – in the right way – call on 0478 905 300 and we’ll come to you and discuss your options.

Geelong business embroidery – why some logos look better than others

Geelong’s quality business embroidery alternative

The ‘artwork set-up fee’ that you pay when you have your logo embroidered for the first time actually covers the cost of ‘digitising’ your logo – that is, converting your logo into a format that can be read by an embroidery machine.

We sent a logo to our digitiser this week, along with a photo of a garment that someone else had embroidered to act as a guide to what the client had had done in the past. And our digitiser came back with a very interesting question:

“Would you like the logo to look like the original artwork – or do you want to match the embroidery previously done because they’re not the same?”

In other words, whoever had previously digitised this logo had done such a poor job – the embroidery looked like a different version of this company’s logo.

If you’ve had Geelong business embroidery done in the past and your logo looks strange or different to what you would expect it’s probably due to your old embroiderer using cheap, dodgy overseas embroidery digitisation services – cheap for them, not cheap for you because not only have you paid for quality via your artwork set-up fee, it also costs you because your brand is compromised.

Before getting Geelong business embroidery done – ask to see samples of the embroiderer’s work so you can see the quality of the embroidery. Remember, it’s your brand that’s on the line.

Embroidery for Geelong Businesses

Building a brand is about building brand recognition. The more often people see your brand, the more familiar they become and when the time comes that they need someone who provides your services – they’re more likely to come to you.

Clothing embroidered with your business’s brand is just one way of getting your potential customer’s attention. What about the hats you wear, the bags you carry, the covers you have on your tablets? Then there’s stubby holders you carry at barbecues, key rings you’ll always keep – not to mention the pens. There are so many ways to subtly promote your brand to gain that familiarity with your potential clients.

Nexus Teamwear are specialists in using embroidered business workwear and uniforms to help Geelong businesses build their brand. Our clothing range is massive – we stock Australia’s leading workwear and uniform suppliers AND we have access to a huge range of promotional products.

Our Geelong embroidery of business workwear and uniforms is growing every day with more and more local companies looking to Nexus because of our fast turnaround times and quality products.

Do you need some ideas on how to build your brand using Geelong embroidered workwear and uniforms. Let us pay a visit and guide you in the right direction. To arrange a time for us to visit you – contact us at Nexus Teamwear.

Geelong’s new embroidery alternative

Nexus Teamwear has some very exciting news! From tomorrow all Nexus Teamwear embroidery will be done in-house on Nexus’ very own, brand-new embroidery equipment.

What does that mean for businesses needing Geelong embroidery?

Nexus Teamwear is fast becoming Geelong’s go-to place for all things embroidery Geelong – workwear, hivis, sports polos and hoodies and corporate shirts, vests and more.

Talk to one of our friendly team on 0478 905 300 or email us – we’re happy to quote orders of all sizes.

Workwear that lifts brand profile – Geelong

Protecting the integrity of your brand should be paramount for any organisation, but too often we see the personal taste of individuals gradually erode a brand.

Brand consistency is important, not only on your website, social media, signage and stationery – but also on your garments, especially those worn by frontline team members.

Last weekend we were at a junior footy grandfinal and saw not only multiple versions of clothing for the same club, but also multiple logos. The point of club clothing to build a sense of belonging and pride – more difficult if you’ve got different sections of the club wearing different logos. Just as your organisation may have a logo style guide, your organisation needs a garment style guide – so the clothing chosen for your team is consistent.

The same applies for Geelong workwear and uniforms. While it’s great to give staff some leeway to choose garments appropriate for their body shape – attention needs to be paid to ensuring colors, logos and the overall ‘tone’ of the garments is consistent.

For example, if your organisation has office staff, outdoor staff, sales floor staff and on-the-road technicians – brand uniformity can still be achieved with careful garment choice and consistent branding.

Nexus Teamwear’s team has a marketing background – we help business and sporting clubs put together a garment style guide so their workwear and uniforms Geelong maximise brand exposure, build organisation cohesiveness while catering for the needs of their team.

If you’d like to know more – call us on 0478 905 300 or email us.

Build your tribe with Geelong Embroidery

The purpose of outfitting your teams in branded uniforms is the same for sporting clubs and business – it’s about building your tribe!

For sporting clubs it’s building a collective of players and supporters that join together with the same mission – to celebrate success, history and belonging.

But for business, it’s about building a different type of tribe – it’s about management and staff working together to build a growing band of happy customers, a collection of quality suppliers that support your business and it’s about getting the message out to the wider community that yours in a business that people ‘want’ to deal with.

In all of this, brand recognition is extremely important. Your growing tribe needs to see your brand over and over again so you’re gradually recognised and become front of mind. When they want to join a cohesive, successful sporting club – they will choose you. When they’re looking for a business they trust because it’s known and recognised as being the best – they will choose you.

The people behind Nexus Teamwear have a marketing background. We understand the importance of brand and how you can use your business and club clothing to maximise brand recognition for added success.

When we help you choose the right teamwear for your organisation – we do it with you brand front-of-mind. Whether it’s sublimated, screen printing or Geelong embroidery will depend on what’s best for your brand – not what’s easiest for us. We’re here for you.

If you’re actively building your tribe and need info about any type of embroidery Geelong
or screen printing or sublimated apparel. Call us on 0478 905 300.

Set-up costs for Geelong Embroidery

Why do I pay set-up costs for my Geelong Embroidery? To produce embroidery of the highest quality you first need quality artwork and then quality digitisation.

What’s digistation? Before a logo or artwork can be produced by an embroidery machine, the  artwork needs to be ‘digitised’ or converted to a file that dictates exactly how the stitching will run in your embroid.

Digitising takes a lot of industry experience and understanding of the type of stitches needed to produce the best quality artwork. For example, long stitches produce a clean, satin-like sheen while very small, short stitches may be needed to produce something quite intricate.

Most embroidery suppliers, including Nexus Teamwear, outsource their digitising and employ the industry’s leading digitising specialists – so we can achieve the best outcome for our clients.

So, when you get asked to pay ‘artwork set-up’ or an ’embroidery set-up’ fee, what you’re paying for is the services of an expert who will convert your artwork into a file that will result in quality Geelong embroidery.

If you have any other questions about set-up fees send us an email or phone 0478 905 300.

Geelong Screenprinting

Personal trainers and gym owners are using screenprinted sportswear to create that ‘team’ feeling that sees their members stick around.

Gyms and personal trainers know only too well how hard it is to keep their members motivated. It’s a constant battle to keep people motivated so that they keep on being they paying clients you need them to be.

Clever personal trainers and gyms actively make their clients feel that they’re part of a ‘team’, which gives them motivation and incentives to keep coming session after session.

A ‘uniform’ such as screen printed Y-back tees, t-shirts, crop tops and compression rights gives your clients a sense of belonging that will help your retention rates.

Our Geelong screenprinters specialise in helping personal trainers and gym owners find the right apparel for their teams. Want to learn more? Contact screenprinting Geelong at Nexus Teamwear via email or phone 0478 905 300