Build your tribe with Geelong Embroidery

The purpose of outfitting your teams in branded uniforms is the same for sporting clubs and business – it’s about building your tribe!

For sporting clubs it’s building a collective of players and supporters that join together with the same mission – to celebrate success, history and belonging.

But for business, it’s about building a different type of tribe – it’s about management and staff working together to build a growing band of happy customers, a collection of quality suppliers that support your business and it’s about getting the message out to the wider community that yours in a business that people ‘want’ to deal with.

In all of this, brand recognition is extremely important. Your growing tribe needs to see your brand over and over again so you’re gradually recognised and become front of mind. When they want to join a cohesive, successful sporting club – they will choose you. When they’re looking for a business they trust because it’s known and recognised as being the best – they will choose you.

The people behind Nexus Teamwear have a marketing background. We understand the importance of brand and how you can use your business and club clothing to maximise brand recognition for added success.

When we help you choose the right teamwear for your organisation – we do it with you brand front-of-mind. Whether it’s sublimated, screen printing or Geelong embroidery will depend on what’s best for your brand – not what’s easiest for us. We’re here for you.

If you’re actively building your tribe and need info about any type of embroidery Geelong
or screen printing or sublimated apparel. Call us on 0478 905 300.